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Meme stolen from [personal profile] vayshti 

- Leave a comment saying "Internet! FOREVER!"
- I'll ask you five questions to satisfy my curiosity.
- Update your journal with the answers to your questions.
- Include this explanation and offer to ask other people questions. 

My questions:

1. Buffet, dim sum/tapas-style, or A la Carte?

I'm a good ol' southern girl, so I have to say buffet! 

2. You had your LJ longer than me! (2001-12-25 to my 2002-04-30) Can you remember why and how you started your journal?

Not really,  I think an old RL friend of mine had one and pestered me about getting one too so we could talk online. Its actually a little staggering that I've had mine that long.

3. A bunch of your LJ/DW friends (including me) are at a loose end - what old show are you going to try and recruit us to watch (and squee) about with you?

Well, I dont watch TV much, BUT I CAN REC THE SHIT OUT OF BOOKS. 

-Go read The Dresden Files. Your life is not complete until you do. I have the first ten books available in MS Reader format upon request.
-Go read Girl Genius. Especially if you're a fan of steampunk and kooky mad science. And awesome visual jokes. And complex stories. And fun characters. 

4. Paganism (old LJ interests list) - interest, or practicing?

Practicing. Been a happy heathen for about decade now. 

5. What was the slippery media slope that lead you to Bleach?

I was introduced to the anime first via the brother of a friend. A few weeks later, I went and sniffed out the manga online. The rest is history. =D
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