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 So Im giving this thing a spin. 

Like most of my Flist, I'm more than weary of Facebook shoving its nose into everything ever. Please to be keeping your keg stand party girl pics and ugly "camera phone in the mirror" shots away from my fandom communities, okay? And not potentially violate my ability to lock and keep things private. Thanks. 

Plus, its nice to kinda stretch my legs in a new space and have different icons. Damnit, need to ask for a paid account for Chrismas. 

At least Dreamwidth has prettier basic themes. 


Date: 2010-09-03 05:59 pm (UTC)
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I have yet to find my way around this place, but so far it seems pretty nice and has comprehensive capabilities.

Stupid Facebook. I have it just because of my family and friends abroad, but my job also has some connections to my page.
I don't need anybody in FB (or even my co-workers) to know/find out my private interests or anything I do in my leisure time. Like someone linking my mature Ichiruki drawings somewhere @_@.
I wonder if LJ will recanter or at least change the way the facebook settings work to give us more control over our privacy. If not, I'll be moving here permanently.
Do you know if there is a way to transfer the contents of my LJ account here?

I hate getting used to new places hehe, but not much of a choice in this case. I'm sure I'll become to love it soon enough.


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