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 So Im giving this thing a spin. 

Like most of my Flist, I'm more than weary of Facebook shoving its nose into everything ever. Please to be keeping your keg stand party girl pics and ugly "camera phone in the mirror" shots away from my fandom communities, okay? And not potentially violate my ability to lock and keep things private. Thanks. 

Plus, its nice to kinda stretch my legs in a new space and have different icons. Damnit, need to ask for a paid account for Chrismas. 

At least Dreamwidth has prettier basic themes. 

Date: 2010-09-03 03:29 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] patkica
I left Myspace due to all the camera-whoring and attention-seeking scene kids. I don't want that on Facebook. But what's worse is that I've heard Facebook doesn't really give a shit about user privacy. Not to mention all those stupid games and apps. The novelty has worn off for me - I just wish it would wear off for others soon. Sadly, I cannot see it happening soon.

As for Dreamwidth, I just hope that should they decide to include FB/Twitter integration, they will go about this the right way. As in, allowing us to opt-in and actually allowing the complete disabling of comments made in your journal, to be cross posted. If people choose to cross post their own posts/whole journals, they can go for it. But I like the idea of not allowing them to cross post anything from *my* journal, should I choose to have it that way.

The basic themes are quite nice I reckon. But I've already had a look for customised themes, cos that's just the way I am.


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